Sustainable Exploitation

The company has an area of 10,720 hectares located between the districts of Tebicuary and Tebicuarymi, this surface is distributed in 5466.64 hectares under lease for growing sugar cane, 1337.9 hectares of native forest, 286.7 hectares of forest reserve and approximately 756 hectares of planted forests (afforestation and reforestation).

Probably our company is a pioneer in the field of forest plantations for commercial exploitation, according to the document directory the company is reforesting approximately since 1936, a fact that gives us the pattern of futuristic vision and conservationism.

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    The company aims to afforestation and reforestation of at least 100 hectares per year. The same is with timber, energy and conservation purposes, in it is used mainly Eucalyptus spp, as this is the most suitable for the area where we are seated.

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    Note that forest plantations carry a number of benefits: Ecological, Economic and Social such as generating sources of employment for low-skilled, both in neighboring areas as well as areas for some more distant country (Guaira, Paraguarí, Caazapá, San Pedro, among others), CO2 capture and production of oxygen, forming a kind of lung, timber products and energy that significantly reduce the pressure into native forests .