Gas Station

SARIC comprises within its operations, managing a service station with Petrobras emblem, strategically located on the Paraguari-Villarica Km Route 121 in the city of Tebicuary, Guaira Department.

Its location in the vicinity of the main floor of the Azucarera Paraguaya, is strategic because of the comfort it provides to the cane trucks transporting both raw materials and finished products from the mill to the distribution point products.

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    Service Station sells Diesel (Diesel Common, Podium, Extra Additive, Economic and Super Nafta), Economic Nafta Super. It also has all the necessary lubricants and accept Flota card. It also has a mini-shop for the provision of essential products while traveling.

    Our hours of operation are Sunday to Monday from 06:00 to 22:00 hs.